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About Me.

Hello! I'm Adam! I'm a passionate developer with a weird obsession with JSON files and all kinds of APIs!

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GitHub Showcase

This section showcases some of my past and present projects! You're more then welcome to modify, clone, and download the source code to these projects! The Archives tag, means this project has resurfaced from long ago...

BMI Calculator

This is an app to calculate your BMI made in flutter as a one day build.

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Minecraft Server DashboardArchives

Minecraft Server Dashboard made in Java

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Multi Directory Backup

Multi-Directory Backup is a Python program for backing-up multiple directories

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It's a joke

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Prayer List

Payer List is an app I made in a weekend coding challenge. Please enjoy and feel free to explore the code!!

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Project BowArchives

Project Bow was a game I was working on back in 2019 (or so). I made it in the Unity game engine. I basically built it because I wanted to re-create the Bow mechanics from Skyrim...

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